Sunday, January 19, 2014

A horrible Incident in the plane

The plane was moving over the Pacific Ocean from Hong Kong to Los Angeles while a fine lunch was served to us. I was playing Chess in the net and hearing some music with an earphone.
  We were feeling hungry and began to take our lunch as soon as it was served to us. Several times I asked my juniors always to do one at a time. It was finely cooked.
In the night they supplied us with a good dinner. But a mistake was committed by me of doing three at a time in the plane. 1. Taking dinner, 2.playing chess, and 3.hearing music with earphone.  I was taking rice with some peas curry. Unmindful I was and done two wrong moves in the chess when my opponent (net supplied) took away my queen and a knight against a a pawn and a horse. My wife said, "this time too you are taking rice. You like bread, that is also nice." Instead of taking rice I shifted my choice to bread. It was difficult to make bread pieces in that small tray. I put some vegetables, peas curry, on the bread and took it. I did two wrong moves in the chess being unmindful. While going to take another bite, I felt severe suffocation. At first I thought there was less ventilation. I asked for ventilation to an air host. They couldn't follow me. My suffocation was gradually increasing. I put off my garments and asking for help. An air host took me to the rear side of the plane and tried to help me with some hand fan. My wife being totally nervous was asking for a doctor and a person who could understand Bengali. Perhaps there was no Bengali in the plane. Some one asked my wife would you be able to say the details of the case of your patient. After many attempts of making my breathing normal, a big size pea obstructing my breathing came out and I felt relieved. The danger was over, I came to my seat, didn't take my dinner and began to play chess which I won.

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