Saturday, January 18, 2014

3rd Visit to USA; Plane Journey - 17.1.14 (Cathay Pacific)

We reached the Air Port International before two hours of our reporting time, thinking that in office hours there might be some jam in the street. As such we had to wait for the office of the air lines, Cathay Pacific, to open. The office opened just in time and we got two wheel chairs for assistance. They took us to all the check-in-posts safely and to the aircraft. It was at the middle of night. The plane started just at 12-10 am. on 17.1.14.
The air lines offered us a light break fast and took us to Hong Kong Air Port at 6-30 am. Hong Kong Air Port which is situated. It was a stoppage of about 7 hrs. We expected that the air lines would offer lunch or high tea as in Lufthansa but they didn't/. We could have taken some break fast . We had cash dollar and also a Cr. Card in the name of nilima samadder, sent by my son but nilima was not fit to move a distance from the place we were posted by the ladies carrying our wheel chairs. After some time nilima could take the trouble of going to a near by coffee stall and we took coffee and some snacks. At about 12-30 two persons and took us to the flight from hong kong to loss angeles. There we got two seats of window corner. It was nice to look outside in broad day light.
Once we had a similar short journey in window corner while going to Imphal from Silchar in 1972 to enjoy marriage ceremony of Jhunu ( Dr.Sanjib Chakrabarty of Kalyani University) in Gauhati and Kathaal, Silchar.  

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